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Traffic poorly planned and suggestions not accepted.

Posted by Luke Galvan on April 1, 2011

Herein we report a place in my life where I was deceived by the Government, whichever is unwilling to welcome a suggestion.

I live in Porto Alegre, and even a few months ago there was a roundabout - the Encol - next to my residence. This roundabout has been replaced by a series of traffic lights in order to relieve the traffic that was established there.

Even a few weeks before starting the works, a number of city employees (describe them that way to simplify the understanding), linked to the Board responsible for transit in the city, were conducting a series of notes regarding the amount of cars that passed per minute, etc., so they could establish the correct time period between each set of lights.

So far, nothing's wrong. And while they performed all these procedures, I passed them by bicycle, and I was very curious to have a conversation to find out what it was that whole gigantic operation near my house.

When, in a sudden want to make a difference for our city, I decided to make a suggestion.

The suggestion referred to the change of the timer lights, which were possible to drive by walking, so that it could cross the street at the track. For, unlike other cities best organized in traffic, I've had the privilege to feel the differences from day to day when the touch of the button, by the pedestrian traffic lights so that the closed to vehicles. But here you have to expect that an enormous amount of time until the signal to open the pedestrian. An average of 45 ~ 90 seconds.

And what's the big problem with that? Is that before opening the signal, favorably to the pedestrian, even if this has already gone through the security strip on the first opportunity you have. Forcing, then struck several cars to be waiting for the pedestrian crossing by a ghost, which is no longer there.

Behold my brilliant suggestion was something simple, in this scenario, why not reduce the traffic light timer for 3 ~ 5 seconds to realize that this cycle and readily allow the passage of the pedestrian?

The response I got via email? The complexity of the system transits from Porto Alegre was such that the realization of such suggestions would be impossible, because even the traffic lights are all interconnected. Really?

Today, I was taking a glass of water, stopped thinking and looking out the window of the building where I work, curiously in the prosecution of the RS is one avenue. And this avenue is between our building and the rear of the Forum. And there is a single traffic light installed with the intention of passing pedestrians, and only for this purpose. You know how many expect to close the signal to cross the street?

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