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All public service is that?

Posted by Luke Galvan on March 23, 2011

Countless are the times that are dependent on any public service, in fact, in the case of Brazil, and independent of all the privatization that occurred once, it is still our constant dependence on those. However, the scope of our vision is limited to what we are asking to be executed, often leaving out, simply because it is not our interests, problems that occur there.

But like anywhere else, and maybe even more here than elsewhere, disorder and chaos run lightly and slick. And from that point in the series of specific regulations in place to trap as it should be done every thing, even if there is knowledge of matter, disregard it shamelessly.

This, of course, considering that we are dealing with gazetted civil servants, not to enter into the merits of the stories deal with the countless places in committee when they should not be.

In fact, in the intricacies of public service, day-to-day, found it all, always, much worse. An exaggeration, perhaps. Maybe not.

In the private sector competition is tougher, the fights and arguments that allows more open, and therefore you may be able to understand where they come every punch and kick, or not, if you're not fit enough to be this life. However, in the public sector is different. It's like every move you make would be guided by others. State as if they were puppets.

Imagine you, your every action, in reality, it is not yours. Obviously there are people who would feel indifferent to this kind of treatment, but others do not. These other that should be in the private sector but, for incompetence, negligence or recklessness, preferred to be in public. These restless people in the place of quiet people.

These restless people who think, or rather, who have the need to think, express their ideas and change the world. People those who are injured more easily because they are constantly fighting against those strings that move them and make them act so unlike that they would rather be doing. And so was born the corruption.

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