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Social contract: the meeting of condominium life as it is.

Posted by Luke Galvan on March 19, 2011

Thomas Hobbes, the great philosopher of the 50's, I mean 1651, called the social contract through the figure of Leviathan, where men tend to be organized, detach themselves from some of his powers, granting them a higher authority: that here the figure of the mythological monster.

It's funny to see this happening in the layers easier in our modern society, like a meeting of the condo, where we have the figure, for example, of the liquidator. This represents everyone. All he owes allegiance to. And yet, he is not in possession of all powers, since any time the office of liquidator may be tested, and the person who occupies this position be easily replaced.

And those meetings are condo that we feel like we were the politicians of a Polis . Different times of old, but ideologically similar to what we experience today.

It has to be people of many diverse strains but not the most varied social backgrounds, after remaining for a living on the same condominium where the price range of these rates do not vary much, the same low variation occurs in the subsequent social backgrounds of those who co- Polis inhabit the same, or shall we say, a condominium?

The most fascinating is that even with low socio-economic differentiation, cultural differences and educational change can be much higher, and yet there is a need to find a common denominator for all to live harmoniously.

There is therefore a common collective bargaining agreement that peace should reign supreme, respecting each other, and even understood (or not) of all possible differences, the need for measures to be taken, rules are adopted, all in towards a better survival orchestrated for such city-states not to fall into ruins.

Like Thomas Hobbes taught us one day, we continue subscribing to our social contracts, the majority prevails, the differences exist and co-exist, and the figure of the great Leviathan will be there in the figure of one or more people so they can reign absolute and certain of a peaceful future. The past applied to this unfettered thoughts.

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