The division of three powers.

I'm watching an event on food stamps, perhaps one of the recurring fights over there, and content somewhat jaded.

Briefly, a government official asks for money from the State for amounts due in respect of food stamps, and this requirement is the adjustment of the monthly benefit. However, this does not occur.

Lawsuit against the state.

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All public service is that?

Countless are the times that are dependent on any public service, in fact, in the case of Brazil, and independent of all the privatization that occurred once, it is still our constant dependence on those. However, the scope of our vision is limited to what we are asking to be executed, often leaving out, simply because it is not our interests, problems that occur there.

But like anywhere else, and maybe even more here than elsewhere, disorder and chaos run lightly and slick. And from that point in the series of specific regulations in place to trap as it should be done every thing, even if there is knowledge of matter, disregard it shamelessly.

This, of course, considering that we are dealing with gazetted civil servants, not to enter into the merits of the stories deal with the countless places in committee when they should not be.

In fact, in the intricacies of public service, day-to-day, found it all, always, much worse. An exaggeration, perhaps. Maybe not.

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New widget, "Find Me"

Good evening everyone!

Now it's much easier to find me in the right menu has a selection of icons with a variety of services already linking to my profiles. Just click on them and find me. There are several other social networks I participate and are not there, I know, but I gradually adding the others!

For now this is, because I'm late for birthday party Norberto. Tonight I'll end up drinking! : D

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Social contract: the meeting of condominium life as it is.

Thomas Hobbes, the great philosopher of the 50's, I mean 1651, called the social contract through the figure of Leviathan, where men tend to be organized, detach themselves from some of his powers, granting them a higher authority: that here the figure of the mythological monster.

It's funny to see this happening in the layers easier in our modern society, like a meeting of the condo, where we have the figure, for example, of the liquidator. This represents everyone. All he owes allegiance to. And yet, he is not in possession of all powers, since any time the office of liquidator may be tested, and the person who occupies this position be easily replaced.

And those meetings are condo that we feel like we were the politicians of a Polis . Different times of old, but ideologically similar to what we experience today.

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A first post

I will post something here. For now I'll move more into the layout.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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